Chips and Sludge Vaccum Cleaner

Model FOODIE Unit (Chip/Sludge Sump Cleaner) 
  • Fast chips vacuuming, filtration, removing residuals with powerful capacity
  • Filtering more than a magnetic separator, non-magnetic chips, swarf, and grinding sludge will be filtered as well 
  • Working in both water-soluble cutting oil and neat cutting oils to do filtrations
  • Turning manual cleaning time from 60 minutes to 5
  • Cleaning several coolant tanks in a factory with only one unit required
  • Often named as a sump cleaner

Foodie Features                                  

  • No downtime for your processing machine
  • Zero consumables
  • Filtered release return happen with suction at the same time
  • Air-driven, no electrical plug is required
  • Vertically fast filter with self-dehydration up to 90% efficiency
  • Lightweight, portable and mobile
  • Optional filter mesh
  • 100% visible filtration process with a transparent filter lid
  • Air gun embedded, switch type sheet metal cover which minimizes user maintenance
Model Foodie
Machine Size(L*W*H) 420*600*900mm
Filter Capacity 10.5L 
Net Weight 56kg
Max. Pump Capacity 90 - 180 Lit. /Minute (47.49 Gallon per min) by water
Air Pressure 0.5 Bar - 8.3 Bar (7.25 Psi - 120 Psi)
Filter 380 ㎛  / 190 ㎛ 830
Filter Material 304 Stainless Steel
CNC equipment often results in fluid deterioration and pump blockage due to swarf and metal debris.

How many procedures are required to clean a coolant tank by hand?

Power off -> Pipeline Disassembly -> Pulling Out the Coolant Tank-> Removing All Fluids -> Removing All Residuals By Hands -> Replacing the Coolant Tank -> Pipeline Re-installation -> Coolant Replacement -> Concentration Adjustment 

In order to remove all the chips or sludge (iron, aluminum, copper, steel, grinding...etc) that are yielded after the CNC lathe, milling, or grinding processing, the labor and time consumed for cleaning are tremendous. Meanwhile, the sump cleaner Foodie will be able to help you achieved saved work just as the following pictures and video performance. 

Before Cleaning  

​​ After Cleaning