Sump Cleaner Model Foodie

FOODIE (Chip/Sludge Removal Machine) works for :
  • Fast filtration, removing residuals with powerful capacity
  • Filtering all types of chips, swarf, and grinding sludge 
  • Both water-soluble and neat oils are applicable
  • Turning manual cleaning from 60 minutes to 5

Are you still manually cleaning the water tank in the traditional way?

Quick filtration without machine downtime, easily solving the problems of bottom chips and sludge. 

Foodie Features                                  

  • No downtime for your processing machine
  • Zero consumables, low maintenance
  • Filtered release return happen with suction at the same time
  • Air-driven, no electrical plug is required
  • Vertically fast filter with self-dehydration up to 90% efficiency
  • Lightweight, portable and mobile
  • Optional filter mesh
Model Foodie
Machine Size(L*W*H) 420*600*900mm
Filter Capacity 10.5L 
Net Weight 56kg
Max. Flow Capacity 180 Lit. /Minute (47.49 Gallon per min) by water
Air Pressure 0.5 Bar - 8.3 Bar (7.25 Psi - 120 Psi)
Filter 380 ㎛  / 190
Filter Material 304 Stainless Steel

    Before Cleaning  
​​ After Cleaning