About Us


Since 2008, HC FENG  Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing and developing coolant purification system.  With multi functions of filtration and oil/ water separation, our system is able to solve all types of coolant issues along with our unique Ozone disinfection technique.

  • Troubled by your coolant?
  • High expense involved in frequent oil changes?
  • You have better choice and we provide the solution
  • Our 4 in 1 Oil coolant purifying system will solve all your problems

Our Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment provides a better environment for operators by reducing harm that's caused by stinky cutting fluid. This purification also prolongs tool's life, reduces waste materials and improves the accuracy while processing surface treatmente. Cost saving, environment friendly, energy saving, without consumables, and you'll easily clean your coolant tank from now on.

Main features:
  •  Filtering floating debris and reducing damage while cleaning
  •  Prevents harmful odor
  •  Absolute elimination of bacteria under Ozone technique

This system also enables coolant liquid to be recycled and used over again after filtration, oil-water separation and ozone process. Cost saving and efficiency will be both achieved beneficially and a greener environment will be provided.