Frequently Asked Questions

Cutting fluid is a type of coolant and lubricant designed with features like anti-rust, cleaning, cooling and lubrication and is widely used in cutting tool machining. It usually happens to be smelly, rotten, foamy, and causes skin allergy during operation.

☑ What is the impact of adverse coolant?  
  • Damaging and lowering the machining quality, lathe and milling machine equipment.
  • Reducing tool life and affecting processing efficiency.
  • Deteriorated coolant with large amount of bacteria harming operator's health.
  • Causing unwanted cleaning and renewing time of coolant liquids.
  • Expensive cost for purchasing and changing new coolant liquids.
  • Environmental harm due to wastewater and dirty coolant.
☑ What benefits will be provided along with our equipement?  

☑ What makes HC Feng's products unique ? 

☑ Why choose the Best-1?

The function of general oil-water separators sold on the market usually provides filtration only. However, bacteria grows and multiplies in coolant everyday which will lead to deterioration and stench. BEST-1 is able to not only filter impurities, separate oil from water, but also sterilize and deodorize by an additionally fitted ozone apparatus. This will effectively extend the coolant life, enhance the machining precision, prolong tool life and significantly reduce cleaning and labor cost.