FOODIE (Chip/Sludge Removal Machine) is also commonly known as :
  • Filtration/removing excess components.
  • Chip/Sludge Removal Machine
  • Fine Chip Removal Machine

Do you still cleaning the water tank in the traditional way?
Traditional cleaning method: Stop the machine -> Laboriously pull out the water tank -> Remove oil or water -> Start to dig out iron debris, sediment and other materials.

The procedure is vast and time-consuming! This machine system is total solutions for Bottom Sludge, Tapper Chips, Metal Residues, Powder Shavings & Iron Debris Time & Money Saving! No Machine Downtime! No Electricity! Backwater automatically & simultaneously!

  • No downtime
  • No consumables
  • Backwater automatically & simultaneously
  • Air pressure drive w/o a plug
  • Vertically fast filter drying up to 90% efficiency
  • Precision filters effective up 20% for super filtration micro-fines
  • Easy to move
  • Filter accuracy can be adjusted
  • Extend cutting fluid life