HC FENG  Co., Ltd. is established in 2008 which mainly manufacture coolant purification system.  It has functions of filtration and oil/ water separation, and our system is also provide a way to to eliminated bacteria and germs by using ozone application that it can remove bad odors. 

Our Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment can protect the operator, reducing cutting fluid to harm human health. It also prolongs the using life of the devices, reduces waste materials and improves the accuracy of the machined surface, also it can reduce the times of regular replacement by workers. Therefore, our system is cost saving for your company as well as environment friendly and energy saving. No consumable, just regularly clean machine and filter.

  • Still vexed at this problem?
  • High expense involved in frequent oil changes ?
  • You have better choice and we provide the solution.
  • Our 4 in 1 Oil coolant purifying sewage system can help solve all your problems.

This machine has:

  1.  Filters floating debris and reduce damage during cleaning
  2. Prevents harmful odorous smell
  3. total elimination of bacteria using ozone. Non toxic smell can prolong blade life.

The system enables recycling use of the coolant liquids after filtration and oil separation process plus the ozone process which eliminates bacteria. It greatly reduces the operating cost and provides a greener environment.