Oil Separation|Model Best-1

BEST-1 Coolant Purification Equipment combines the following features into one system :
  • Oil Skimmers
  • Wastewater Treatment Assistant
  • Coolant Cleaner
  • Tramp Oil Separator
  • Deodorizing agent

Best-1 Procedures:                                   

           Step 1:
Oil collector
- collecting all the tramp oil from water tank into Best-1 unit.

Step 2: 
Filter set - filters impurities 

Step 3: 
Oil skimming - separating oil from water

Step 4: 
Ozone sterilization - disinfects coolant and destroys the anerobic bacteria causing corrosion and smell.

Step 5: 
Control panel -  intelligently controls cycles of resting time, oil separation and ozone to operate automatically and daily. 

Step 6: 
pH detection - detects pH values 24/7 to help in coolant maintenance, giving warnings to alarm fluid pre-deterioration.

Best-1 Procedures in Video Demonstration
Why Is Ozone Required:

Ozone acts as a doctor or a cure to coolant. 
From our experience of coolant maintenance, general oil skimmers only provide basic function - oil removal.
Oil is removed, but the smell still exists and the coolant will soon decay again due to bacteria.
This is why we include an ozone generator to destroy bad bacteria and achieve true life extension - and reduce odor..

What Does the Control Panel Do:

Controlling Cycles of
- Rest-Time : Letting the sucked in coolant to rest in Best-1 unit
- Skimming Times: The activation of oil-water separation
- Ozone Function: Sterilization of anaerobic bacteria and odor removal
- pH Device: Detecting pH values at anytime

General oil skimmers operate non-stop rolling, despite whatever the coolant condition it is.
Sometimes this results in removing excess water content along with the tramp oil,
and will affect coolant concentration, causing higher replacement.

Therefore, our Best-1 system incorporates an entire cycle of  Rest Time + Skimming Time + Ozone Process,
allowing the fluid to rest, skim, disinfect, rest, and then skim again in each cycle.
Only when Rest-Time is given, can a system achieve optimal oil separating results.

pH Detection (Optional Feature):
pH fluctuation is one of the major warnings indicators of coolant pre-deterioration.
(Normally coolant is kept between pH values from 8.00 to 9.50)
In comparison to test paper, this feature provides more accurate values to 2 decimal places, giving alarms to users, and providing a more efficient way to coolant management.

Model BEST-1
Machine Size(L*W*H) 520*410*880mm
N.W. 45kg
Power Single Phase.220V.AC
50HZ 0.042Kw
Power Consumption consumption of 1 KWH of electricity in 24 hours
Suction Capacity 10-30 Lit. /Minute
Value of Ozone 500mg /hr
(produce 500mg of ozone per hour)
Before and After:
(For more pictures, please direct to 'Achievements - Before & After' Page.